Weekly Astrology Forecast July 20 – 26, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon The mood becomes brighter on July 22 as the Sun leaps into home sign Leo. This transit encourages us to step up onto life’s stage and shine! We all have a reason for being here, a mission, a purpose. For some that may be a life lived in the public eye, for others it may be quieter and behind the scenes, but still, all of us are special. Honour your inner sovereign, let yourself play. Become absorbed in a game or creative project. Applaud your efforts. We all want to be recognised on some level. A simple smile to another can be all the light that we need.

20-Jul-20 New Moon in Cancer, Sun opposite Saturn
New beginnings around domestic matters. Feeling ultrasensitive. The atmosphere is weighted. Don’t get despondent or fall into believing you aren’t capable. Give it time for things to unfold.

21-Jul-20 Mercury square Chiron, Neptune trine Vesta
Painful conversations clear the air. Kindness cleanses. Quiet focus on spirituality and prayer.

22-Jul-20 Sun enters Leo, Mercury sextile Uranus
Excitement. Time to step up onto life’s stage. Walk your talk. Express original ideas.

23-Jul-20 No major aspects

24-Jul-20 Mercury trine Ceres
Spread the word about conservation initiatives. Talk about the natural world and all its creatures to youngsters. Nurture others through your words.

25-Jul-20 No major aspects

26-Jul-20 Mercury square Juno
Disagreements. Emotional scenes disturb the peace. Seek out middle ground. Take a breath to find your centre. Everyone needs a fair hearing.

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