Weekly Astrology Forecast July 27 – August 2, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon [On July 27] Jupiter’s second sextile to Neptune provides a fabulous opportunity for collective consciousness raising. This is also a chance for us to step into a more authentic version of spirituality, one which is grounded in reality as well as mysticism. We may feel more aware of the suffering in the world but we’re motivated to build stronger ties based on a more meaningful connection to one another. The challenge to all this is that Venus also squares Neptune on the same day and this is the last in a series of three squares. This aspect bursts the bubble if our hopes and ideals have become too far fetched. Whilst this is a tough world to live in right now, we can’t just escape into fantasy. The real world needs our vision, creativity, compassion and imagination. The real world is where miracles can happen. With Venus in Gemini, it’s important that we focus on the facts to bring us back to centre.

This Week’s Major Aspects

27-Jul-20 First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter sextile   Neptune, Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Mars

Emotions intensify. Trust is an issue. Sharp words. Unrealistic fantasy bubble popped. A chance to manifest dreams from authentic spiritual practice grounded in reality. Collective consciousness raising.

28-Jul-20 Mercury opposite Pallas
Unable to see the patterns. A misunderstanding. A need to embrace alternative viewpoints.

29-Jul-20 Mars square Pallas, Venus exits shadow zone
Pushing for a fight. Competitiveness gets in the way of negotiations. Clash of strategies. Defend boundaries. Think before reacting.

30-Jul-20 Mercury opposite Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune
Big ideas! Wonderful imagination. Or, too many thoughts, slipping into victim-thinking. Practice meditation to still the waters. Write down ideas and dreams.

31-Jul-20 No major aspects

01-Aug-20 Mercury opposite Pluto, Sun trine Chiron
Obsession. Dissecting every comment. Rumination. Cleanse the mind of toxic thoughts. Put the spotlight on healing.

02-Aug-20 Sun square Uranus
Feeling out of place. A destabilising yearning for freedom. Anxiety. Explore where the need to be recognised/praised/accepted has compromised unique self-expression.

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