Mars in Aries 2020

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Mars entered Aries on June 28, 2020 and marched into the pre-shadow zone of the upcoming retrograde on July 25. The retrograde begins on September 9, 2020 and ends on November 14, 2020. Mars will exit the shadow zone of the retrograde period on January 2, 2021 and finally leave the sign Aries on January 6, 2021. Basically then, Mars will be in Aries for 6 months and this transit is hot, hot, hot!

Since Mars first entered Aries this year, we likely started to feel a boost of energy in some part of our lives – dependant on where Aries is in our personal chart. Mars encouraged us to press forwards with plans, use our muscle and will to achieve our objectives.  But as Mars stations retrograde, we will have to go back over the same ground, explore our underlying motivations, check in with whether the goals we’re striving for are really a true expression of ourselves. Where Mars travels retrograde in our charts shows the area of life where there may be false starts, restarts, a fading of energy, desire or passion, anger, wilfulness, confrontation and conflict. Here is where we need to perhaps work on our courage, independence or confidence. Maybe we just need to know where we need to be stronger in this area of life. It’s a test for sure, a test of strength but one which shows us where our armour has become worn, our tools rusted, our drives tainted. Mars retrograde is like the workout you didn’t know you needed – and if you did know, perhaps you wouldn’t want to do it!

The most stressful periods of this Mars retrograde is likely to be around the Sun-Mars opposition on October 14. This is the time when it becomes clear what is blocking us or holding up progress. Issues connected to the ego and our self-image/identity are implicated. However, we also need to watch what occurs around the Libra New Moon on October 16 as this will oppose Mars and square the Capricorn planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). Collectively, this Mars retrograde is particularly challenging as it will conjoin Eris and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, triggering the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as well as the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. More about that is in my Patreon post.

The best advice during this retrograde is also probably the most annoying – patience, patience, patience!

My full post on Patreon contains an exploration of this retrograde for each of the signs however I have also updated a free post here on my website as well which will give you an idea of what to expect. Read for your rising sign for most accuracy.

Also, here is my article explaining the general Mars retrograde cycle

Mars Retrograde 2020 Major Aspects

28-Jun-20 Mars enters Aries
28-Jun-20 Mars sextile Saturn
08-Jul-20 Mercury square Mars
14-Jul-20 Mars conjunct Chiron
20-Jul-20 Mars opposite Juno
25-Jul-20 Mars enters the shadow zone
27-Jul-20 Mercury square Mars
29-Jul-20 Mars square Pallas
04-Aug-20 Mars square Jupiter
13-Aug-20 Mars square Pluto
16-Aug-20 Sun trine Mars
17-Aug-20 Mercury trine Mars
17-Aug-20 Mars conjunct Eris
24-Aug-20 Mars square Saturn
27-Aug-20 Mars sextile North Node
04-Sep-20 Venus square Mars
09-Sep-20 Mars stations retrograde
14-Sep-20 Mars opposite Juno
24-Sep-20 Mercury opposite Mars
29-Sep-20 Venus trine Mars
29-Sep-20 Mars square Saturn
04-Oct-20 Mars conjunct Eris
06-Oct-20 Mars trine Vesta
09-Oct-20 Mars square Pluto
10-Oct-20 Mars sextile North Node
14-Oct-20 Sun opposite Mars
19-Oct-20 Mars square Jupiter
24-Oct-20 Mars square Pallas
09-Nov-20 Venus opposite Mars
14-Nov-20 Mars stations direct
11-Dec-20 Sun trine Mars
12-Dec-20 Mars sextile North Node
15-Dec-20 Mercury trine Mars
22-Dec-20 Mars conjunct Eris
23-Dec-20 Mars square Pluto
02-Jan-21 Mars leaves shadow zone
06-Jan-21 Mars enters Taurus