Full Moon in Aquarius August 2020 – No

The Full Moon occurs at 16:58 (BST) on August 3, 2020 at 11°Aq45′.

The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo. Where the Sun is, we want to be seen and heard. In Leo we want to play, create, enjoy what life has to offer. It’s like the long, lazy days of school holidays, tumbling down hills and playing with the dog. The Moon in Aquarius however shows that right now we need to feel connected, to perhaps suppress some of our more essential nature to feel accepted by the group – or our audience. In Aquarius and the global 11th house, we recognise our connection to others, that we are part of a group, network and society. This is also the place where we start to consider our priorities. Gone are the long days of doing whatever we want. Instead it’s time to think about what we need for our future. We can’t do everything so there are choices to be made. The old ruler of Aquarius (Saturn) reminds us that we only have so much time when we grow up.

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Issues connected to our freedom, future and friendships come to a head at this Full Moon. It’s a tense picture because the lights square Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius and this lunation. Everything points to the fact that what we took for granted (Taurus) is changing (Uranus). There’s anxiety because the shape of things is changing, and we have no idea what form they will take in times to come. But we need to let the changes happen. Aquarius, Leo and Taurus are all fixed signs which are resistant to change. But the more resistance we put up, the more the universe shakes us out of our comfort zone. “Wake up” says Uranus. There’s more to consider – different perspectives, scenarios, ways of being, experiences, friends”. It’s so easy to get into a rut but right now we’re being forced out of it, one lightning bolt at a time. Our values and resources are changing to benefit the Earth, to benefit humanity.

On a personal level, part of the problem or catalyst might be due to Mercury perfecting an opposition to Saturn today too. This is what I call the ‘no’ aspect. “No, you can’t have a pay rise. No, you can’t visit your friends. No, you can’t buy that house. Just no! “.

And we don’t like no because it makes us scared. We feel like time is running out. We take it too personally. Thoughts loom in the mind and before we know it, we’ve thought ourselves into a poverty hovel with no love, no future. It’s important that we reframe our thoughts. The ‘no’ might be not yet or not your door or not this time. No is sometimes needed to push us onto a different path. The Full Moon in Aquarius and the square to Uranus says we need to embrace something different or new at this time to jump start us out of complacency. We need to resolve feelings of being devalued, unworthy or like an outsider looking in.

Maybe we’re struggling with our friends, feeling the odd one out. Or perhaps we feel isolated (I know literally for some!), alienated, not accepted by our peers. Perhaps we’ve made so much of our own difference that we’ve made it an issue before others have. Maybe we’re so focused on our own future that we’ve distanced ourselves from others. A sextile between the Moon and Chiron in Aries asks us to find ways to help ourselves so that we can help one another. We need to accept our vulnerabilities and weaknesses to move forwards.

Whatever the challenges, the Sabian symbol of the Full Moon ‘On A Vast Staircase Stand People Of Different Types, Graduated Upward’ reminds us that this is part of our ascension. The tests we are facing now are necessary for our progress.

Free yourself from the ties that bind. Yield to the changes. Big breakthroughs come you are open to the new and different. Think outside of the box.

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Painting – ‘Mekheski – Moon People’ by Nicholas Roerich