Weekly Astrology Forecast August 3 – 9, 2020

Extract from PatreonMercury’s trine to Chiron fosters healthy communication and encourages us to talk about our vulnerabilities. If there are painful thoughts, learn how to release them. It’s not about squeezing the eyes shut and trying desperately NOT TO THINK OF THAT THING THAT HURTS – because of course then it will double in size and shout at you in capital letters. It’s about saying ‘I hear you. I honour you’ and then quietly returning to your breath. 1. 2. 3. 4. Breathe. As Mercury is still in creative Leo, we might like a little storytelling to help us heal. Listen to an audio book. Read a favourite childhood novel. Explore fairy tales on YouTube. Or, turn your hand to writing your own tales.

This Week’s Major Aspects

03-Aug-20 Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury opposite Saturn
Issues connected to freedom and friendship peak. A tendency towards denial. If a door closes, it was not your door. Reframe. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to try a different route to achieve your objectives.

04-Aug-20 Mars square Jupiter
Overblown reactions. Inflammation. Acting on faith (but not looking where you leap).
Take time to consider the big picture before you act.

05-Aug-20 Mercury enters Leo, Venus conjunct North Node
Let your voice be heard. Mental confidence. A playful imagination offers creative ideas.
Love opens the way to evolution. Important female figures.

06-Aug-20 No major aspects

07-Aug-20 Venus enters Cancer
A major collective shift after 18 weeks of Venus in Gemini. Nurture your heart. Spend time at home and/or with family. Sweet sensitivity to emotional undercurrents. Guard against neediness and moodiness.

08-8-20 No major aspects

09-Aug-20 Mercury trine Chiron
Healing conversations. A healthy mindset. The key to communication is inclusiveness. Talking about environmental matters.

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