Weekly Astrology forecast – August 10 – 16, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – As we begin the week, we have a background Yod pattern in play. Jupiter’s ongoing sextile to Neptune forms the base, bringing this aspect into the foreground. With these two, we are wanting to develop something concrete (Jupiter in Capricorn) that is meaningful, spiritual, a vision, helpful, good for the collective (Neptune in Pisces). It’s a very charitable aspect which fosters great empathy and kindness. But first the Sun and then Mercury form quincunxes to these planets. This Yod tells us that we must step up onto life’s stage and use our voice even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable. Jupiter is a social planet, Neptune a transpersonal planet so they speak of collective efforts. But each of us has a role to play within the group – one drop creates a wave. We need to release personal confusion and disillusion so that we can make the best of this opportunity for transcendence. Where are you questioning your faith? Where do you lack self-belief? The Yod pattern will be in effect right up until August 20.

This Week’s Major Aspects

10-Aug-20 Mercury square Uranus
Abrupt conversation. Sudden ideas. Surprising or shocking news. Anxiety.

11-Aug-20 Vesta enters Leo. Last Quarter Moon in Taurus
Creative self-expression is sacred. Relight your spark. Don’t let insecurity curb partaking of life’s pleasures. Drink in beauty through your physical senses.

13-Aug-20 Mars square Pluto
Rage. Picking a fight. Violence. Indomitable will. Focus your efforts on what can be achieved, not what can’t.

14-Aug-20 Jupiter square Juno. Mercury sextile Juno
Judgemental attitudes threaten relationships. A need to dialogue and consider all sides of the story.

15-Aug-20 Uranus stations retrograde
Rewiring the mind. Reconnection with unique attributes of self. A inner urgency for freedom.

16-Aug-20 Sun trine Mars. Venus trine Ceres
Growing courage. Strength and desire. We want what we want. Temper dynamic energies with loving kindness.

Painting – ‘Black and Violet’ by Wassily Kandinsky