Weekly Astrology Forecast August 17 – 23, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun then enters Virgo on August 22, bringing us into Virgo season. Here our star illuminates the need to be of service. The sign Virgo is also about cleansing, sorting the wheat from the chaff, figuring out what is useful and not useful. Maybe there are habits that we’ve picked up that aren’t helping us or perhaps there is something we can tweak in our lives to make everything more efficient. If life has become a bit scattered, this is the perfect time to bring back a sense of order. Clean your house and office space. Take a salt bath. Work on self-improvement exercises. Learn a new word every day to express yourself more clearly. Ground yourself. Watch for the shadow side of this transit which involves self-criticism. It’s one thing to notice where improvement is possible, quite another to denigrate yourself for lack of expertise or knowledge.


17-Aug-20 Mercury trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury. Mars conjunct Eris. Venus square Chiron.
Clarity. A strong desire to take action and challenge disharmony. Sensitivity to life’s pain. Love is strength.

18-Aug-20 Mercury sextile North Node. Venus sextile Uranus
A piece of information falls into place. Important conversations lead to interesting developments. Value liberty. Savour new experiences.

19-Aug-20 New Moon in Leo, Sun sextile North Node
A creative new start. Divine connection. Inspiration.

20-Aug-20 Mercury enters Virgo
Keep your mind and hands busy. Dexterity. Open to learning. Practical thinking.

21-Aug-20 Venus opposite Pallas
Feeling like your heart’s not in it when it comes to problem solving. Resolutions feel unpalatable. Find middle ground to honour feelings without sacrificing practicality.

22-Aug-20 Sun enters Virgo
Self-improvement. A desire to be of service. Doing your best work. Guard against harsh self-criticism.

23-Aug-20 Mercury opposite Ceres
The mind functions better when we allow space for organic growth and natural disorder. What seems chaotic may in fact be part of a bigger pattern.

Painting – Harvester with Sickle by Camille Corot