Weekly Astrology Forecast August 24 – 30, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThis week begins on a tough note as Mars moves in to square Saturn on August 24, the first of three squares due to the upcoming retrograde of our warrior planet.  There is deep frustration because nothing can move fast under this influence. Saturn holds Mars in check, like a stern sergeant major barking orders. Saturn is the reins, the brake, the no, the block and all Mars wants is to get to it and get gone. Positively, this is a great muscle builder – whether it’s pumping it up through resistance training or working on internal ‘muscles’ such as those that deal with patience, perseverance and commitment. Mars square Saturn can be super constructive if we channel our energies effectively. In many ways, this aspect feels like an assault cause, gruelling to get through but mighty satisfying once your cross the finish line.

This Week’s Major Aspects

24-Aug-20 Mars square Saturn
What you resist persists. Roadblocks. Headaches. Perseverance and patience are required.

25-Aug-20 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, Venus opposite Jupiter. Mercury trine Uranus.
A need to feel occupied and useful vies with a desire to run away. A huge hunger for more generates discontent. Ask yourself new questions to find new solutions.

26-Aug-20 Grand trine with Mercury, Uranus and Pallas
Pattern recognition. Brainstorming. Tap into higher knowledge and ancient wisdom.

27-Aug-20 Mars sextile North Node. Venus trine Neptune
Evolution occurs when you follow your passion. Unconditional love. Peace and harmony.

28-Aug-20 Pluto square Juno, Sun opposite Ceres
Controlling relationships. Power games. Jealousy and revenge. A need to let go.

29-Aug-20 Mercury trine Jupiter
A drive to learn. Hit the books. Sign up for a workshop. A positive mindset.

30-Aug-20 Venus opposite Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune
Trust issues in relationships. Mixed messages. Insecurity breeds fear. Love your shadows.

Painting – ‘The Wrestlers’  by Gustave Courbet