Weekly Astrology Forecast August 31 – September 6, 2020

Extract from PatreonSeptember 3 screws heads back on as Mercury forms a trine to sensible Saturn. This aspect has the action of stilling the mind and anchors our thoughts in reality. As Mercury is in its home sign Virgo, this is about thinking in a practical manner, dealing with problems as they arrive, using the wisdom of our experience, mature conversation, planning ahead. Mercury however is also square to the Nodal axis on the same date which may feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing. Look again. Pay attention to the details. Trust your analysis.



31-Aug-20 Venus square Juno
Feeling uncomfortable. An agreement is required. Compromise is needed.

01-Sep-20 Mercury trine Pluto
Perceptive analysis. Homing in on the truth. Deep conversation facilitates change.

02-Sep-20 Full Moon in Pisces. Venus opposite Saturn. Sun trine Uranus
Emotional overwhelm. Feeling unworthy. A need to listen to an inner call.
Explore new avenues of expression. You’re never too old to change.

03-Sep-20 Mercury trine Saturn. Mercury square the Nodes
Wise council. Long term thinking. Crafting plans. Conversations with elders and those in authority.  Trust your analysis. Perfect your approach.

04-Sep-20 Venus square Mars. Mercury sextile Venus
Displays of passion. Heart out of sync with motivation.  Think before you act.

05-Sep-20 Mercury enters Libra
Diplomacy. Thinking of others. Pleasant communication. Sitting on the fence.

06-Sep-20 Venus enters Leo
A need to be adored. Playfulness (and dramas!) in romance. Warm and generosity. Fun with creativity.

Painting – ‘Cleopatra by John William Waterhouse’

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