Weekly Astrology Forecast September 14 – 20, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun’s trine to Pluto [September 15] however does help us to recognise where regeneration is required. Our shadows are illuminated and rather than feeling scared by what we see, the Virgo Sun uses these insights for self-improvement. The more willing we are to face the truth of ourselves, the greater our potential for real, transformative intimacy. Another attribute of this transit is that it strengthens our sense of purpose as well as giving us sharp insight into where we can take better control of our circumstances to facilitate change.


This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Sep-20 Mars opposite Juno
An unfair fight. Proactive diplomacy. Reactive deals. A struggle over whether to go it alone or join forces. Find middle ground.

15-Sep-20 Venus square Uranus. Sun trine Pluto
Love twist. Unexpected money problems. A desire to break free.
The power of purpose. Self-improvement through shadow-work. Strength of will.

16-Sep-20 No major aspects

17-Sep-20 New Moon in Virgo. Mercury square Jupiter. Sun trine Saturn
A small new start has potentially big results or consequences. Watch over-thinking it.
Talk less, do more.

18-Sep-20 No major aspects

19-Sep-20 No major aspects

20-Sep-20 Juno enters Scorpio
Intensification of relationship matters. The potential for jealous outbursts and controlling behaviour. Honesty is the best policy.

Painting – ‘The Fair Maid of Gascony (The Blond Gascon)’ by Camille Corot