Weekly Astrology Forecast September 21 – 27, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon…the Sun moves into Libra also on September 22, a sign ruled by Venus, gently steering us once again towards harmony.  This is also the Equinox, where day and night are equal. After this date, the nights will grow longer, the days shorter until we reach the Winter Solstice.  We also begin a new season as the wheel of the year turns to Autumn in the Northern hemisphere. Now begins a month of reckoning as we weigh the fruits of our labours against all that we invested. As a sign associated with equilibrium, it’s the perfect time to examine where we may need to find more balance in our own lives. Given the nature of congenial, partnership-orientated Libra, we would perhaps expect this to be a smooth transit but it’s not so simple this year with all the cardinal action going on in the heavens. The Sun will square the Capricorn planets and oppose Mars retrograde in Libra giving rise to a tense atmosphere. Note too that Libra is symbolised by the Scales of Justice and now we’re right back to the political firestorm…

This Week’s Major Aspects

21-Sep-20 Mercury square Pluto
Dissecting conversations. Obsessing. Hard secrets. Words have power. Change your mindset

22-Sep-20 Sun enters Libra
Equinox. The wheel of the year turns. The second harvest. Count your blessings. Find your centre. We are all equal in the eyes of the Gods.

23-Sep-20 Mercury square Saturn
Hard to communicate. Mentally blocked. Avoid rumination. Make inner dialogue constructive.

24-Sep-20 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn, Mercury opposite Mars
Inhibition. Arguments. Shut out the noise of social expectation and concentrate on your personal truth.

25-Sep-20 No major aspects

26-Sep-20 No major aspects

27-Sep-20 Ceres retrograde re-enters Aquarius, Mercury trine Ceres, Mercury enters Scorpio
The future of Mother Earth is in our hands. Necessity is the Mother of invention. Deep thought. Powerful insight.

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