Weekly Astrology Forecast October 5 – 11, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonOctober 9 sees the second square between Mars and Pluto. Negatively, this is like furiously throwing ourselves in the ring with an opponent who is clearly stronger than us. Mars is fighting for control, attacking the power brokers, striking out with fear, wanting (obsessively!) to win at absolutely any cost.  Or we can use this potent aspect to give us the courage to make changes we know we need to make or to confront any fears that have stopped us from going after our goals. Mars square Pluto can also help us gather deeper insight into why we do what we do and unearth unconscious motivations that are taking us off course.

This Week’s Major Aspects

05-Oct-20 No major aspects

06-Oct-20 No major aspects

07-Oct-20 Mercury opposite Uranus.
The first of three oppositions. Others take place on October 20 and Nov 17. Unpredictable communication. Technology troubles. Shocking or surprising news. Nerves and Anxiety. Ground yourself. Be open to new ways of thinking.

08-Oct-20 No major aspects

09-Oct-20 Mars square Pluto
Explosive. Fury. Wrestling for control. Pick your battles carefully. Facing up to fears. The courage to change.

10-Oct-20 Last Quarter Moon in Cancer. Mars sextile North Node
Cardinal grand cross. X marks the spot. You are here. Support yourself and loved ones. Be the calm eye in the centre of the storm. Evolution takes will and strength. Tap into your power.

11-Oct-20 Venus trine Uranus. Sun square Jupiter
Heart awakening. Love what makes you different. Beware taking on too much or stretching yourself out of shape just to please others.

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