Weekly Astrology Forecast October 12 – 18, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – Power is still the topic to discuss on October 15 as the Sun squares Pluto. The ongoing T-square is now fully engaged. As the solar principle reaches out to Hades, we may be made aware of blind spots that we didn’t know we had. The Sun square to Pluto can also make us feel cornered, terrified to make a move or furious that things seem out of control. Given the Sun’s opposition to Mars, maybe we want to come out all guns blazing but it probably isn’t the best response. We need to explore where we might be holding on too much. What needs to be released? How do we accept what isn’t in our control? What do we need to give up on to release energy for other goals and desires?

This Week’s Major Aspects

12-Oct-20 Jupiter sextile Neptune, Mercury sextile Venus
Dreams and imagination are enhanced. Building a vision. Deep conversation with a loved one brings greater understanding.

13-Oct-20 No major aspects

14-Oct-20 Sun opposite Mars, Mercury stations retrograde, Sun trine North Node
Conflict. My way or the highway. Breakthroughs and realisations over what has been holding us back. Contemplation. A growing sense of purpose.

15-Oct-20 Sun square Pluto
An intense desire for control. Feeling forced into a corner. The only way is through. Let go of what doesn’t serve.

16-Oct-20 New Moon in Libra
New beginnings in relationships. Brought back to centre. Dealing with challenges to harmony with patience and maturity.

17-Oct-20 No major aspects

18-Oct-20 Sun square Saturn, Venus opposite Neptune.
Self-doubt. A test. Learning what you are capable of. An urge to escape when the going gets tough. Unrealistic expectations and dreams. Reality check.

Painting – Mercury, from Mercury Exhorting Aeneas to Leave Carthage by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

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