New Moon in Libra October 2020

The New Moon occurs at 20:31 (BST) on October 16, 2020 at 23°Li53′.

The Moon and Sun are in Libra where we are prompted to create a new start around our relationships with others as well as to balance our lives. The challenge is that this lunation opposes Mars retrograde, Eris and Lilith all in fiery Aries. This is a noisy, troublemaking, rebellious trio that will not quiet down or shut up! In truth though, some of the things they are shouting about need to change so their anger is understandable! With the Moon and Sun in Libra, we are also concerned with all that is right and just. Libra is connected legal matters, the place where justice is done. Meanwhile, squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn force us into a corner and make us aware that we can’t just gloss over problems for the sake of peace, something that Libra is also inclined to do in its shadow expression. How do we keep our centre when it feels like the world is flying off its axis? This is the question that this lunation raises.

With the Sun and Mars still opposing one another, there’s a temptation for egos to get in the way of diplomatic relations. The Moon opposite Mars has the potential to trigger old anger. Old memories about feeling under the thumb, attacked and brow-beaten are stirred and it’s easy to go on the defensive. But the New Moon is also trine the North Node in Gemini which tells us that despite the difficulties, there is an opportunity to develop our communication style so that we can compromise and find agreement.

All the stress in this chart pattern falls on the Capricorn planets. It tells us that for us to regain our balance we must develop resilience, own our power, build understanding. We also need to be patient because some conflicts and problems cannot be resolved quickly. Mars wants everything to happen yesterday but sometimes the better strategy is to play the long game.

Venus, the ruler of this lunation is in Virgo. She tells us that there is a desire to make improvements and do the necessary work. We also have an underlying need to feel useful. But the opposition to Neptune brings in unhelpful idealism. Sometimes, when it feels like everything is wrong, we swing too far in the opposite direction. We want everything to be perfect, a paradise, a romantic movie with a happily-ever-after ending. Whilst we must all dare to dream; some dreams are so unrealistic that it is inevitable we will feel let down by each other and Life as nothing can live up to the ideal. The trines from Venus through to Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto offers us an easier alternative route. Make your peace with reality. Share what you can without negating yourself. Let go of what isn’t working or for you. Venus trine Uranus also advocates experimenting with new ideas or ways of relating along with acceptance of differences.

If you feel overwhelmed or angry, put your hands on your heart. Ground yourself. Come back to centre. The more balanced you feel within yourself, the harder it is to be destabilised by outer events.


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Painting – ‘The allegory of Justice, The Room of Constantine in the papal apartments in the Vatican’ by Raphael