Weekly Astrology Forecast October 19 – 25, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonWe move into Scorpio season on October 22, taking us deep into the Underworld and drawing us to explore the mysteries of the unknown. Under the influence of this transit we may feel a deepening of our sense of purpose – or a strong desire to explore that subject if purpose has been lacking. This is a time to discover our passions, what moves us so deeply that we want to get involved and know every nook and cranny. Scorpio season is also the time to let go of what is no longer necessary, cleanse from the inside out, acknowledge and release our secrets and face our fears as we head into the darker part of the year. In Scorpio we learn what it is to die and be reborn as one chapter ends, and another begins.

This Week’s Major Aspects

19-Oct-20 Mars square Jupiter, Venus trine Jupiter
A Huge desire to take action. Impulsiveness. Inflammatory situations. Gratitude cools the fire.

20-Oct-20 Mercury opposite Uranus, Venus square North Node
Anxiety. Sudden awakening. The dawn of new ideas. Realign to your values to detach from old relationship karma

21-Oct-20 Venus trine Pluto
Potential for love matters to intensify. Deepening ties. The power of love

22-Oct-20 Sun enters Scorpio
Let go of what has outlived its usefulness. Reconnect to your passions. Face your fears to shine your light.

23-Oct-20 First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Friend or lover? A conflict between freedom and control. Innovation meets resistance to change.

24-Oct-20 Venus trine Saturn
Relationships mature. Money matters stabilise.

25-Oct-20 Sun conjunct Mercury
Revelation. Important insights and messages. Pay attention.