Weekly Astrology Forecast October 26 – November 1, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon “…on October 28, Mercury retrograde re-enters Libra. After spending time digging deep into our emotions, exploring fears and acknowledging truths, now we take this knowledge into the realm of our relationships. How we communicate with one another is up for review. Venus also enters Libra on this date and as she is in her home sign, it’s like a kiss on the brow from the cosmos. Maybe it isn’t easy with Mercury retrograde here but Venus will help as much as she can to bring some sweetness into our lives and retain some level of harmony.”

This Week’s Major Aspects

26-Oct-20 Neptune sextile Pallas. Mercury sextile Vesta
Be a peacemaker. Talk about what is sacred.

27-Oct-20 No major aspects

28-Oct-20 Mercury re- enters Libra, Venus enters Libra
Rethinks around relationships lead to a capacity for greater harmony. Loving connection.

29-Oct-20 Mercury trine Ceres
Make your voice as supportive as The Great Mother’s. Nourishing conversations.

30-Oct-20 No major aspects

31-Oct-20 Full Moon in Taurus. Sun opposite Uranus
Insecurities come to a head. Shocks and surprises – trick or treat!
Unpredictability. Sudden awakening.

01-Nov-20 Mercury square Saturn. Venus opposite Chiron
Gloomy thoughts. A need to talk about serious matters. A little diplomacy goes a long way towards healing.

Painting – October by James Tissot