Weekly Astrology Forecast November 2 – 8, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun forms a conjunction to Juno on November 8. This aspect takes place in Scorpio on the Sabian symbol A Woman, Fecundated By Her Own Spirit, Is “Great With Child”. Juno is an asteroid associated with marriage and contracts, so it feels as though this is a marriage within the self, two halves coming together. Where before we felt something missing, now an aspect of ourselves is seen, heard and invited to become a conscious part of the whole. It’s deep stuff but marrying oneself requires commitment. The more committed we are to a personal project or promise to ourselves, the greater our chance of bringing it into being. The Sabian symbol tells us that this is a fruitful aspect. If we commit, we have a real chance of seeing a result for our efforts.

This Week’s Major Aspects

02-Nov-20 No major aspects

03-Nov-20 Mercury stations direct
Are we coming or going? Stay or go? The scales are tipping but which way?
Find your centre. Maintain your balance.

04-Nov-20 No major aspects

05-Nov-20 No major aspects

06-Nov-20 Mercury square Saturn
Serious thought. Hard conversations. Long term planning. Advice from an elder.
Take time before giving an answer

07-Nov-20 No major aspects

08-Nov-20 Sun conjunct Juno. Last Quarter Moon in Leo
A powerful commitment to a personal project or endeavour has transformative potential.
Releasing the need to control everything allows for creative exploration and fun.

Painting – Weighing Gold by Gerrit Dou