New Moon in Scorpio November 2020

The New Moon occurs at 05:07 (UT) on November 15, 2020 at 23°Sc17′.

The lights unite under the fixed water sign of Scorpio, known for its depth of insight and regenerative powers. We may feel our emotions more intensely under this influence and we could also find shadier feelings bubbling up such as anger, shame, jealousy, rage. Juno close by seethes in Scorpio when she feels betrayed, lashing out with stinging precision. And yet, if we embrace the highest vibration of her energy, there is potential for deep commitment, profound unions, potent promises.

Mars, the co-ruler of this lunation has only just stationed direct and is yet to move off its station degree. Whilst there is a partial sense of release, we need time to gather momentum. If we aren’t aware of the hidden agenda of our unconscious motivations, there’s a chance we could fly off the handle, try to right perceived wrongs before getting the correct information. The New Moon is quincunx to Eris so we need to find a way to sit with what is discordant rather than pushing to create perfect harmony. Note Mercury also in Scorpio, is still covering old ground after its retrograde and is in a wired, anxious opposition to Uranus. Instead of making snap decisions, gather your strength, step into your power, trust the process.

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For a new beginning, cleanse what is old and outdated. Clear out dead wood to make room to open the door to a new start. Helpful aspects to the Capricorn quad show us that we have a chance to steel ourselves (Saturn), make peace (Pallas), look for opportunities to develop (Jupiter) and take control where we can (Pluto). A trine from the New Moon to Neptune also imbues this lunation with mystical energies. Combined with the natural detective abilities of Scorpio, it tells us that there are subtle clues coming through the ether. If we’re quiet and composed, we’ll hear them. Switch off the lights. Wrap yourself in velvet night. Relax into the darkness where stars are birthed.

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Global Astro-Tarot for the New Moon in Scorpio November 2020

Painting – Night by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis