Weekly Astrology Forecast November 16 – 22, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – To lighten things up a little, the Sun enters Sagittarius on this date too. With Venus in obsessive, jealous Scorpio, this transit could grate for some as Sagittarius wants to live life without complications. But perhaps the Sun’s presence here will remind us to hold the reins loosely, relax the control. The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius will, I imagine, be some light relief after all the pressure we have been through this year. We need some hope, inspiration and optimism and Sagittarius can provide exactly that. This is a time to explore, broaden our horizons, stretch ourselves and see how far we can go.

This Week’s Major Aspects

16-Nov-20 Venus square Jupiter
Great generosity or great greed. Issues of abundance and lack. Huge attraction that feels edgy.

17-Nov-20 Mercury opposite Uranus
Snap decisions. Mental instability. Problems with technology. Unexpected communication. Fresh perspectives open the mind.

18-Nov-20 No major aspects

19-Nov-20 Sun sextile Saturn, Venus square Saturn
It’s unpleasant, but we’ve got to do the work. Adulting. Delayed gratification brings rewards.

20-Nov-20 No major aspects

21-Nov-20 Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Sagittarius
Intensity in relationships. A desire to bare all. Complex dynamics. Hold the reins of Life loosely.  Remember this is an adventure.

22-Nov-20 First Quarter Moon in Pisces
Subtle feelings challenge beliefs. Wanderlust. Big dreams. Visualisation. Spiritual experiences.

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