Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 23 – 29, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonNovember 26 sees the healing vibrations continue as the Sagittarius Sun trines Wounded Healer Chiron on this date. This is also a time to celebrate teachers in our lives given that Sagittarius is associated with higher learning and Chiron is a mentor too. Creative work around this time can touch us deeply, whether we are the creator or the viewer. Seek out healing books and movies to remind you that you are a hero in your own story. Welcome back the parts for yourself you rejected for fear of being seen as different or unacceptable. Know that you are enough.

This week’s Major Aspects

23-Nov-20 Venus trine Ceres
Unconditional love and a tender touch bring out the best in our relationships.

24-Nov-20 Mercury trine Neptune
Inspirational ideas. Imaginative writing. Gentle conversations. Thinking about spirituality.
Listen to your dreams

25-Nov-20 No major aspects

26-Nov-20 Sun trine Chiron
Soul retrieval. Creative work born from suffering. Self-healing.

27-Nov-20 Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Uranus
Deepening connections through honest conversation. People may be unpredictable, but trust helps us to navigate unexpected events.

28-Nov-20 Pluto sextile Juno
Renewing relationships and contracts. A rebirth that forges a powerful link.

29-Nov-20 Neptune stations direct. Mercury sextile Jupiter
A momentary sense of disorientation. Ground yourself. Time to build a new dream. Think big. Take a chance on an idea or conversation starter.

Painting – Neptune’s Horses by Walter Crane