Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 30 – December 6, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonSaturn and Pallas come together for a meeting on December 2. These two unite roughly every 6 years. In my mind’s eye, I see a wizened, elderly man and woman, leaders from two different tribes, coming together to break bread and share stories. Remember that Saturn is Old Father Time – he has seen the passing of ages. Pallas is Goddess of Wisdom and strategy, a warrior and peace maker. It feels as though their meeting is even more important this year as Pallas has been so intimately involved in the great conjunctions – Saturn conjunct Pluto, Jupiter conjunct Pluto and soon Jupiter conjunct Saturn. It’s like Pallas is a mediator for all, ensuring that everyone stands in their rightful place and adheres to the rules. The Saturn-Pallas conjunction takes place on the Sabian symbol ‘A Woman Reading Tea Leaves’. So now I’m taken back to the two elderly leaders peering into a cup or cauldron, a magical device that gives them a glance at the future. This is perhaps why they are the leaders of their tribe – that they have achieved the mental steadiness and wisdom it takes to be afforded such a gift from the Gods. Perhaps we too then are given a momentary glimpse of things to come. It’s a clue, a hint, a signpost. Pay attention.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

30-Nov-20 Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Mercury sextile Saturn
Revelations and news reveal choices with long term consequences and potential.
Still the mind. Look for the facts.

01-Dec-20 Mercury enters Sagittarius
Mind-expanding ideas. Big promises. A desire to roam. Learn a new language or topic.

02-Dec-20 Saturn conjunct Pallas
A meeting between great minds. Wisdom meets experience. The foundation of peace.

03-Dec-20 No major aspects

04-Dec-20 Mercury square Ceres
Mentally hungry. Emptiness. Choose carefully which material to digest.

05-Dec-20 Mercury trine Chiron
Healing conversations. Sharing your gifts. Inclusive dialogues

06-Dec-20 Venus trine Neptune
Creative inspiration. Heart opening. Unconditional love. Happy tears.

Painting – ‘Circle of the Monoliths’ by Paul Nash