Weekly Astrology Forecast December 7 – 13, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonDecember 9 demonstrates why it is beneficial to stop, look at listen as the Sun moves into a square with Neptune. Now we’ve stumbled into a storm or everywhere is clouded with fog. Maybe we’re lost in the middle of the ocean, can’t find our compass, fatigued, disorientated. This square can pull us out of shape and it’s easy to get fooled by mirages. In our search for paradise, our ideals can colour the way we see things. It’s not the best time to make an important decision as wishful thinking distorts the real picture. We can become a little absent-minded during this transit too as well as easily discouraged. Those who are naturally sensitive to the collective psyche atmosphere could feel overwhelmed. If possible, take some time out – an hour off, a day off – to just reconnect with yourself. Make time for creativity, meditation, volunteer work, spiritual practice or simply rest.

This Week’s Major Aspects

07-Dec-20 Pallas enters Aquarius
Problem solving abilities are amplified when we think outside of the box.

08-Dec-20 Last Quarter Moon in Virgo
Balance the big picture with the little picture. Don’t skim over details.

09-Dec- 20 Sun square Neptune
Feeling lost, dreamy, undone. Take time to create, pray, volunteer or sleep.

10-Dec-20 Venus sextile Pluto
Deepening intimacy. The truth of your heart facilitates change.

11-Dec-20 Sun conjunct South Node. Sun trine Mars.
You are strong enough to let go of what doesn’t serve you. Time to release old karma.

12-Dec-20 Mars sextile North Node. Mercury out of bounds until January 4, 2021
Be brave in the face of the unknown. Actions now are blessed with good timing.

13-Dec-20 Mercury square Neptune
Forgetfulness. Confusion. Practice mindfulness to keep distraction in check.