Weekly Astrology Forecast – December 14 – 20, 2020

Excerpt from PatreonDecember 17 is the date of the first big shift as Saturn rolls into Aquarius. For the next two and a half years, until March 7, 2023, we will be asked to work together as a society. This is a time when we will discover just how stable or unstable we are. We need to be realistic about what can be achieved as a group and master our differences. We must accept the new (Aquarius) normal (Saturn) as there is work to be done. Yes, it’s likely that we will continue to have some restriction (Saturn) of freedom (Aquarius) and yet if we are disciplined and committed, we can come together as a cohesive whole. Jupiter’s sextile to wife Juno on the same day tells that we can still pull together when the going gets tough. We make it work when we commit to making it work! We are learning how to be a friend to one another during this time. Note that the very first aspect Saturn in Aquarius will make is a conjunction to the Moon. The Moon is symbolic of ‘the people, the public’. It suggests that the public mood is serious and also that it’s time to grow up. The Moon is a child, Saturn the parent.

Saturn in Aquarius will push us to consider our social conscience and the part we play in society. ‘What will be your legacy?’ asks Saturn. ‘What will you contribute?’. Being different may become mainstream or being different could become even more of a trial. How we deal with ‘outsiders’ and fringe thought is part of the lesson. We’re breaking new ground, laying the foundation for the future, testing, testing and testing again to ensure our inventions works.

This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Dec-20 Mercury conjunct South Node. Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Venus sextile Jupiter
A revelation changes our perspective. A new vision awaits. Count your blessings

15-Dec-20 Mercury trine Mars. Venus sextile Saturn. Venus enters Sagittarius. Chiron stations direct
The mind is a tool. Assert your voice. Relationships mature. Give each other a loose rein. Time to move forward after feeling hurt.

16-Dec-20 No major aspects

17-Dec-20 Saturn enters Aquarius
A new chapter of learning begins. A test of friendship. What will be your legacy to society?

18-Dec-20 Juno enters Sagittarius
High expectations of partners. Give each other room to grow.

19-Dec-20 Jupiter enters Aquarius. Venus trine Chiron
Growing as a group. Developing friendships. Learning together. Science and reason amplified. Love heals.

20-Dec-20 Sun conjunct Mercury. Mercury enters Capricorn
Powerful clarity moves us into a more reflective period. Take time to consider before deciding. Listen carefully. Speak slowly.

Painting – ‘The Conquest of the Air’ by Roger de La Fresna