Weekly Astrology Forecast December 21 – 27, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – By perfect heavenly arrangement, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs on Winter Solstice (December 21) in the Northern hemisphere, blessing the conjunction with a special kind of celestial magic – the kind that speaks of a return to the light. Now we have reached the shortest day and the longest night. After this time, the days will grow longer, the nights shorter. The Sun’s movement into Capricorn though emphasises Saturn’s pragmatism. What we want for the future is going to take work. Capricorn is about the mountain we climb and yes, with Jupiter alongside Saturn, it may seem like an impossibly huge mountain. But remember, Jupiter asks us to believe in ourselves. Saturn knows we can master this.

This Week’s Major Aspects

21-Dec-20 Sun enters Capricorn, Jupiter conjunct Saturn, First Quarter Moon in Aries
The light returns. The Great Work begins. A critical moment imbued with celestial magic.

22-Dec-20 No major aspects

23-Dec-20 Mars square Pluto
A heated and volatile atmosphere. Pushing against an immovable force. The courage to change.

24-Dec-20 Mercury square Chiron
Words and thoughts heal or harm. Think before speaking or deciding.

25-Dec-20 Mercury trine Uranus
Surprise! Sudden understanding. Talks with friends. Communicating via technology. Exploring new ideas.

26-Dec-20 Sun square Chiron
Feeling on edge. Fear of rejection. You don’t have to be perfect to accomplish your mission.

27-Dec-20 Mercury sextile Ceres
Kind words foster growth. Practice positive affirmations. Speak with encouragement.

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Painting – Winter traveller (Sunset) by David Burliuk