Weekly Astrology Forecast December 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – The week ahead begins on a sparkly bright note with the Sun forming a trine to Uranus on December 28. Now we are all scientists, drawn to trying and testing, experimenting with something new. “Who could I be if I try this?” says the Sun and Uranus. And so, we look to see how we can innovate, diversify, change. The Sun is still in cautious, strict Capricorn but the connection to rebellious Uranus encourages us to break a few personal rules – the kind that say, ‘I could never’ and ‘I shouldn’t’. We’re also finding ourselves thinking of the future so planning ahead would be a perfect way to honour this aspect.

This Week’s Major Aspects

28-Dec-20 Sun trine Uranus
Innovate, experiment. What would you do if you felt free enough?

29-Dec-20 No major aspects

30-Dec-20 Full Moon in Cancer. Venus square Neptune
Issues of family and belonging come to a head. Emotions are heightened. It’s all to easy to see what we want to see. Be loving and kind but maintain good boundaries.

31-Dec-20 Venus conjunct South Node
Ask your heart what needs to be released as this year comes to a close.

01-Jan-21 Mercury sextile Neptune
New year, new vision. Practicality and imagination combined is powerful manifestation magic.

02-Jan-21 Mercury trine Vesta. Sun sextile Ceres
Focus on what is important. Explore where you have room to grow. Indulge in creative pursuits.

03-Jan-21 No major aspects

Painting – A New Year’s Nocturne, New York by Childe Hassam