Weekly Astrology Forecast January 11 – 17, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – The week ends with the square between Jupiter and Uranus on January 17. This is the only square between these two bodies. Remember, Uranus has only just stationed and is currently conjunct reactionary, hot-headed, trigger-happy Mars. Jupiter expands what it touches so in a square aspect we have an increase in unpredictability, rebelliousness, questionable morality. Generally, there is a restlessness and large amounts of anxiety rippling through the ether. Given the events in the US, I don’t think it’s too much of a leap to suggest that maybe we haven’t heard the last of the protests just yet. But as a global influence, this could also apply anywhere in the world. Ground yourself. Avoid crowds if possible. Focus on developing friendships and positive change.

This Week’s Major Aspects

11-Jan-21 Jupiter sextile Chiron, Mercury conjunct Jupiter and sextile Chiron
A big conversation facilitates healing. A conversation about morals and ethics.
Share your story. A problem shared is a problem halved

12-Jan-21 Mercury square Uranus, Venus square Chiron
Anxiety and insecurity. Struggling to accept different viewpoints. A change of conversation brings a chance for reconciliation and relief

13-Jan-21 New Moon in Capricorn, Sun square Eris, Mars square Saturn
Hostile atmosphere. Interference. Frustration and blocks. New rules, regulations or structures can help to stabilise.

14-Jan-21 Sun conjunct Pluto, Uranus stations direct, Venus trine Uranus
What was in shadow is illuminated. A deepening of one’s sense of purpose. Inner awakening. Questions around freedom and happiness.

15-Jan-21 Mercury enters shadow zone
Pay attention to the thoughts and conversations that come up at this time. These may be reviewed or replayed at a later date. Assume that maybe not all information is available right now.

16-Jan-21 Mercury conjunct Pallas
Problem solving is enhanced. The chance to negotiate.

17-Jan-21 Jupiter square Uranus
Huge instability and unpredictability. Restless, rebellious crowds. A growing desire for freedom.