New Moon in Capricorn January 2021

The New Moon occurs at 05:00 (UT) on January 13, at 23°Cp13′.

This is a dynamic chart and these are dynamic times. The New Moon sits on the degree beside last year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction, stirring up memories of the past. We may find ourselves thinking of now and then, the passage of time, the irrevocable changes that we have endured and catalysed. The Moon is out of bounds, bringing a wild energy and Uranus is now stationary, bringing further instability – and Capricorn doesn’t like instability.

When the New Moon is in Capricorn, we resolve to make a new start around issues connected to career, professionalism, responsibilities, reputation, rules, commitments. Whatever we do, we feel the need to see something concrete that brings with it a sense of longevity. But this Moon is tightly conjunct Pluto and tightly square Eris, effectively triggering the ongoing Eris-Pluto square. When Eris was discovered, she demoted Pluto, rendering him no longer a planet in the eyes of astronomers. This is why we speak of Eris as she who deposes those who have abused their powers. It is Eris who points out the elephant in the room. It is Eris who insists we must acknowledge the problem. There’s trouble in the background, worldly woes – a climate emergency, political fights, deep division, disharmony, sickness and strife. It all filters in, bringing with it a trail of anxiety and a deep knowing that something needs to change.

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Saturn, the ruler of this lunation, is still conjunct Jupiter so we know that growth right now is somewhat stunted. Both planets are now in Aquarius, a sign firmly focused on the future, but we can’t get clear about the future until we are clear about the present! This is the gift of this combination. This New Moon conjunct perceptive Pluto could be the reality check we need to ground and centre us, even if the truth is ugly or otherwise unpalatable.

Saturn is now in orb of the first square to Uranus and given that both planets are rulers of Aquarius, we have a symbolic battle between the old ruler and the new ruler. I’ve noticed that Saturn transits can sometimes be quite literal in their manifestations – perhaps because Saturn prefers to speak plainly without frills! And so, the eyes of the world have been on the US as the old President leaves and the new one enters.

We also have a growing unrest around issues connected to freedom (Uranus) and restriction (Saturn). Whilst Saturn’s passage through Aquarius tells us that society must endure some collective restrictions, Uranus is rebellious and doesn’t like being told what to do. Yet working at their best, this aspect shows us that when we pull together it gives us a better chance of progress – not to mention a better future (Uranus). Together these two astrological rulers instruct us that age old wisdom plus innovation will create a foundation for the next generation.

Mars is also now in orb of a conjunction to Uranus increasing volatility. Note that this aspect perfects on January 20 so yes, there is fiery tension around the US inauguration. The atmosphere is argumentative (Mercury square Mars) and inflammatory (Mars square Jupiter). People are frustrated with the slow down in pace, angry at the rules, authority figures and other obstacles (Mars square Saturn). Nothing is easy about this chart and yet as Saturn would tell us, no one said it would be easy. Pluto conjunct the New Moon tells us that this is an opportune time for getting rid of what we don’t need and to restructure. We need to take control where we can and stop obsessing over what we can’t control. The weight of the world may feel acute but maturity and a stalwart, responsible attitude will get us through.

So no, it’s not an easy chart.

But Capricorn energy is all about working with what you have and making the best of it. Take a moment to look at your life. Reach into your heart. See the Truth of your reality. Dig deep to get to the root of fear. Acknowledge what needs to change but resist any urge to beat yourself about the head about it! There’s a big difference between a quiet, powerful resolve to take responsibility and berating yourself. Consider what small step you take today to lay the foundation for a better future or to create greater stability in your life. Don’t be afraid to start again from scratch if that’s what it takes. Stop telling yourself scary stories. The world out there is scary enough right now without adding to the mix. As Venus is in Capricorn too at the moment, focus on simple pleasures to soften some of life’s hard edges. Give yourself a task to complete that isn’t too overwhelming so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have achieved. Know your power. Create healthy boundaries. Hold fast to your authentic self. Trust that you have the strength to climb that mountain one more time.

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Painting – Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity) by Vincent van Gogh