Weekly Astrology Forecast – January 25 – 31, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonAlso challenging us is Neptune’s square to the Nodal axis on January 26. This has been building since September last year and will be in play until March 4. There is mass confusion over what is real and unreal. The North Node in Gemini pushes us towards facts. The South Node in Sagittarius tells us we need to beware of accepting things on faith. Personally, I feel like this aspect has manifested as the mass delusion by groups such as Qanon which have swayed so many from fact to fiction. In the UK too, conspiracy theories are rife and one glance at police advisory posts on social media reveals hundreds of comments that deny reality.

The Sabian symbol of Neptune is ‘A Table Set For An Evening Meal’. “Will you break bread with me?” asks Neptune. Perhaps part of the problem is that we have lost touch with one another and lost faith in the process. Neptune is also a planet that expresses uncertainty and uncertainty breeds fear. It stirs the imagination and humans naturally turn to stories to explain what they don’t understand or what they fear. In the past, humans made up stories to explain eclipses, volcanos, diseases, and death – and it seems we are still doing the same. With distrust in science and governmental agencies, the collective imagination has gone into overdrive, creating stories of a great deception.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

25-Jan-21 Sun sextile Chiron
An opportunity for healing and reconciliation. Build bridges.

26-Jan-21 Sun square Uranus. Neptune square the Nodal axis
Contrariness. Weird vibes. Rebellious urges. A need to distinguish between fact and fiction.

27-Jan-21 No major aspects

28-Jan-21 Venus conjunct Pluto. Full Moon in Leo
Wild at heart. A strong need for recognition. Dramatic scenes and drama queens. Potent creativity.

29-Jan-21 Sun conjunct Jupiter
Gratitude. Life is abundant. A chance to grow.

30-Jan-21 Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius
Time to review group connections and friendships. Reflect on plans for the future.

31-Jan-21 No major aspects

Painting – Blue Dancers by Edgar Degas