Weekly Astrology Forecast February 1 – 7, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun’s square to Mars, also on February 1, adds tension as well as heat. Given that the Sun is now in Aquarius, this aspect tends to ‘fan the flames’. Sparks fly as passions grow. The challenge with this aspect is that we identify strongly with what we want or desire and can feel threatened or angry when we don’t attain our objective. We take things more personally and egos become animated. We may be more impetuous, impulsive or aggressive and we can be more accident prone as a result. We need to slow down or hold back but we don’t want to. Positively, we can channel this energy into hard physical work or exercise as this is also an energy boost – but we still need to guard against pushing ourselves too hard. Don’t tear a muscle. Pallas, also in Aquarius trines the North Node today too favouring a cool head. If we can dial down the noise of the Sun square to Mars, we may find that there is an easier solution than to keep kicking whatever we think is in our way.

This Week’s Major Aspects

01-Feb-21 Sun square Mars. Venus enters Aquarius
Frustration, anger, impulsiveness and animated egos. A need to detach and give each other space. Cultivate the spirit of friendship.

02-Feb-21 Sun sextile Juno
An opportunity to commit to a long-held vision. Fairness.

03-Feb-21 Astrological Imbolc (Sun at 15 Aquarius)
Festival of renewal and the first stirrings of Spring. Honour Brigid.
I made a video tour of my Imbolc Altar over on my Patreon.

04-Feb-21 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
For future plans to manifest, release what no longer works. Emotional surges.

05-Feb-21 No major aspects

06-Feb-21 Venus conjunct Saturn and sextile Chiron. Sun trine North Node.
Emotional maturity is required. Face what is unpleasant to allow for healing. The right path is illuminated.

07-Feb-21 Venus square Uranus
Give each other space. A revolution of the heart. Try something new.

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