Weekly Astrology Forecast February 8 – 14, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonThe week begins with Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun on February 8 marking the midpoint of the retrograde period. This is the moment when Mercury sits on the throne of the Sun, elevating the mental realm and illuminating the mind. If there have been problems encountered during the first part of the retrograde period, we may find new solutions offered around this time or it may simply be a moment of realisation of things we have been mulling over. Whilst we may not be able to act on our new understanding just yet, the sense is that we have overcome a hurdle and now we can see our way forward. This conjunction will be joined by Pallas so we also have this wise counsellor at our disposal to help us figure out any weird synchronicities or messages from Spirit.

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This week’s major aspects

08-Feb-21 Sun conjunct Mercury
Revolutionary new insights revealed. Illuminating news or conversation

09-Feb-21 Saturn sextile Chiron
Wise teachers. An invitation to better manage chronic problems. Take responsibility for your health.

10-Feb-21 Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine North Node
Arguments. Impatience. A need to pay close attention to cosmic signals pointing the way.

11-Feb-21 Venus conjunct Jupiter. New Moon in Aquarius
An abundance of love. A new start towards future goals. Strong desire for freedom and change.

12-Feb-21 No major aspects

13-Feb-21 Mercury conjunct Venus
Harmonious conversation. Financial discussion. Mental balance. Charm.

14-Feb-21 Mars sextile Neptune. Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Action combined with intuition. A creative boost. Imagination stimulated. Acts of kindness Big ideas. A huge impetuous to learn something new. A positive outlook overcomes inertia

Painting – Synchromy by Morgan Russell