New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

The New Moon occurs at 19:05 (UT) on February 11, 2021 at 23°Aq16′.

We now have a huge build up of energy in the global 11th house with the Sun, Moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas in Aquarius! It’s like the skies are shouting, the future is now! The sign Aquarius is associated with innovation, revolution, freedom, change, invention, doing things differently, shaking things up, awakening to new experiences. It’s high frequency and God mind. The New Moon in this sign prompts a new beginning that alters the course of our lives for the better.

There is so much air in this chart though that other elements are lacking – without fire we may feel cold, switched off, unmotivated. Without water we may feel unsupported or emotionally overwhelmed. Without Earth we could feel ungrounded, blown around by the winds of change. However, if we actively seek to embrace these elements through finding inspiration, acknowledging feelings and grounding, we can allow ourselves then to experience the full benefits of this supercharged airy atmosphere.

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With Mercury going backwards and yet so much forward momentum, we may have a weird sensation of being torn between past and future. If I borrow a line from the modern version of Battlestar Galactica, ‘All this has happened before, and all this will happen again’ might be on our minds. As Saturn teaches however, the present is where the real gift is because it’s what we do in the now that influences how the future unfolds. Maybe we do repeat cycles, after all, the planets themselves return again and again to the same degrees in the circle, sometimes quickly, sometimes achingly slow. But in each turn of the wheel, there is a little variation, a new branch developing, a new awareness.  Nothing is ever exactly as it was. We are moving in spirals rather than circles.

The trick to resolving some of this ‘backwards-forwards’ dilemma is to open our minds to what is possible whilst keeping our feet firmly on the ground. The Aquarius stellium counsels rational, objectivity, depersonalisation. It’s not about you or me anymore, it’s about us as a group. The challenge in this chart however is that this New Moon is widely conjunct retrograde Mercury and square Mars. These connections bring in impatience, frustration and just a hint of argumentativeness. Sometimes what we want is not what everyone else wants. Larger questions come up as we consider where and how we fit in with our friends and society. We wonder about what it is to be human, question the state of politics and the current trajectory of our planet, We reflect on our relationship with technology and what it is to live in the modern world. We are living in a time when it is fundamental (Saturn) to consider where we are headed next (Aquarius) both individually and collectively.

The conjunction between the New Moon and Pallas activates our inner wise woman. Despite being a warrior, Pallas has a cool head, perfect for toning down the Mercury-Mars square. She shows us patterns of behaviour, patterns in art, nature and history.  To solve a problem, listen to alternative ideas and perspectives, consider the untrodden path, recognise where the same old, same old repeats unconsciously. Change is required to allow for progress. With Venus perfecting a conjunction with Jupiter on the same date as the New Moon, there is potential for something beautiful to develop if we dare to break the pattern.

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Painting – Vortex, space, form by Giacomo Balla