Perseverance Touchdown Astrology Chart

click to enlarge – Touchdown Chart

Perseverance landing confirmed, exact time above in the landing chart. These are some quick notes I have just made. The chart set to Aries rising as it’s off-planet (and hey it’s Mars!). I love that the Sun has just gone into Pisces, lighting up the global 12th – illuminating the cosmos. Mars is square Venus so yes, expensive mission, uncomfortable at times and politically contentious. Mars however is waxing towards a trine with Pluto – strength and insight, perhaps richer rewards in the long term given that Pluto is in Capricorn.

Asteroid Flora is conjunct Mars – will it find evidence of plant life or is this just a subtle hint at the idea of terraforming in the future? I can’t help noting Ceres (Mother Earth) on the last anaretic of Pisces, denoting how back on planet Earth we are at a critical point with the climate emergency.

The Moon-Mars connection is interesting, perhaps suggesting the strong public interest in this mission. The Moon however is also tied to the tides and therefore connected to water. Asteroid Melusina is here too – a character who was half human, half water Goddess so maybe there is water. Not to mention that Mars is also sextile the Great Ocean God Neptune.

I love that the Helicopter onboard Perseverance is called Ingenuity – perfect for the full 11th house and all the planets in Aquarius. This will be the first flight on Mars – perfect for all the air element in this chart.

The Sabian symbol of Mars is ‘A Jewelry Shop Filled With Valuable Gems’ – looks like there may be some very precious findings.

These are just a few thoughts whilst I’m giddy with excitement. I love astronomy as well as astrology 🙂