Weekly Astrology Forecast March 1 – 7, 2021

Extract from Patreon – The final aspect of the week is the ingress of Pallas into Pisces on March 7. The Goddess of wisdom, creativity, intelligence and strategy now prompts us to use our imagination and intuition to solve problems. Resolve conflicts with compassion. Turn your troubles over to your sleeping, dreaming or meditating mind or turn them over to God. Pallas in Pisces helps us to recognise symbolic language, the pattern of correspondence from the unseen world. Indecipherable dreams suddenly become a storehouse of wisdom, unlocking new ideas and understanding. Due to a retrograde, Pallas will remain in Pisces until February 14, 2022.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

01-Mar-21 No major aspects

02-Mar-21 Mercury trine North Node
The third time’s a charm. A conversation or idea gets the go ahead.

03-Mar-21 Venus sextile Uranus
Experiment with new tastes, sounds, fashion. Explore new ways of relating.

04-Mar-21 Mars enters Gemini
Animated conversations. Brave speech. Words are weapons. The mind is a tool.

05-Mar-21 Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Sun square the Nodal Axis
Big ideas. Positive thinking. Trust your intuition to guide you. Forgive yourself to move forwards.

06-Mar-21 Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
An urge to roam or to flee. Searching for the truth. Believe in your dreams.

07-Mar-21 Pallas enters Pisces
Turn your problems over to your sleeping mind.
Compassion erases conflict.

Painting – ‘The Pensive Reader’ by Mary Cassatt