March 2021 Astrology Forecast

Mars enters Gemini on March 4, firing up the mind but sometimes scattering focus. Our goals could multiply, or we feel like we can’t just choose one thing to work on. Yes, we might be able to multitask better during this transit, but sometimes multi-tasking can mean that nothing gets completed. It’s important that we take a moment to align intention and action to ensure that we hit our targets. This transit gives a feisty desire to connect and communicate and we may be busier with meetings and paperwork. Impatience with conversation however can mean we stumble over words or come across as too aggressive or rushed.  But if we are mindful of the Martian tendency towards haste and aggression, this is the perfect time to brainstorm ideas, gather books, speed read, speak up or give a speech.

The Last Quarter Moon on March 6 pushes us to resolve questions around faith and feelings. The Moon is in blunt, philosophical, opinionated Sagittarius squaring the Sun in spiritual, emotional, sensitive Pisces. Part of us may feel frustrated by the undercurrents that rein in our enthusiasm but when we touch base with what is meaningful and true for us, the tension falls away. Positively, this phase may suit artists, writers and poets as the signs emphasized have a visionary quality to them. Art your way through.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 13 sees the undercurrent tugging us down into ethereal, emerald waters. The New Moon conjoins Pisces ruler Neptune, so it’s like a blessing from the great water God on new beginnings. Venus is nearby too, imbuing this lunation with unconditional love. It’s like being drip fed ambrosia (the food of the Gods, not the rice pudding I hasten to add for those in the UK!). Perhaps this is the injection of soulful connection that we were longing for.

Mercury’s entry into Pisces on March 15 softens communications and encourages compassionate dialogue. We enter a period of time where we must favour our intuition over rational logic. Whilst this is an excellent transit for creative work and compassionate conversations, it’s less easy to perceive details and gain clear information. Sometimes messages seem mixed and communication muddled. Also, we need to be aware that we’re more open to the collective mind during this time and given the current circumstances, this could feel disorientating. There’s a lot of sorrow and uncertainty floating in the ether, so we need to work out what belongs to us and what doesn’t.

Mars sextiles Chiron on March 18, offering healing to our inner warrior. This is about active pursuit of endeavours that help us better understand our gifts and wounds. As Mars is currently travelling through intelligent Gemini, this would be the ideal time to pursue a class, read a book or connect with a teacher. Aside from his role as healer, Chiron is also a mentor. The more knowledge we have, the stronger we feel. We can also use this transit to confront harmful unexpressed anger and challenge self-defeating behaviour.

More fiery energies enter the picture with the Sun’s entry into Aries on March 20. This ingress marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and International Astrology Day! A new astrological year begins so make resolutions and plant new seeds in your own life. Aries is a go-getting sign so one way to step into the zone is to take definitive action towards your personal goals. Let the blossoming of all life around you inspire your creativity. Feel the rush of heady excitement as you turn your face to the Sun.

On March 21, Venus enters Aries too, making us more direct in matters related to love and money. Venus here is all about the thrill of the chase. Love becomes a conquest, but whilst playing hard to get may be a fascinating challenge now for Venus, she may just as quickly burn out and get bored. There is a certain amount of impatience when it comes to relationships so if troubles have been brewing, this ingress can bring them to the surface. Whilst the blunt nature of this sign may be uncomfortable for some, it does mean that everyone knows where they stand, bringing some clarity after Venus’s transit through wishy-washy Pisces. Subtle flirtation and romantic dreaminess is replaced by boldly confident declarations of love (or distaste!).

We also have the First Quarter Moon on March 21 too with the Moon in Cancer squaring the Sun (and Venus) in Aries. Our desire to push into new territory and pursue new goals is met with an emotional need for comfort and safety. Maybe we can accommodate our vulnerable inner child by feeling our way forward, taking the side route instead of throwing ourselves at it head on. This becomes more important because Aries ruler Mars goes out of bounds today which means our Martian energy can work in wild ways. As our inner warrior no longer follows the rules of play, there’s a chance we can find ingenious strategies to achieve our objectives. However, there’s also the possibility that our inner warrior goes off track, inadvertently starting a war. We need to pay attention to our underlying motivation and check in with what is fuelling our actions. Mars will be out of bounds until May 24.

Still, on March 22, there is a steadying influence in the form of a Mars-Saturn trine. If all else fails, says Mars, keep working at it, keep pushing on. Don’t leave a job undone! This aspect is perfect for committing ourselves to a task or doing work that we have been procrastinating over. Carrying out our responsibilities and gaining small wins boosts energy and confidence to try harder goals. As Mars then moves into a trine to the North Node on March 26, we’re encouraged to follow our passions as they lead to our soul’s evolution.

The final main aspect for the month is the Full Moon in Libra on March 28. The Libra Moon will oppose an Aries stellium made up of the Sun, Venus, Chiron and Ceres, which may threaten our equilibrium. However, the Moon is trine both Mars and Saturn, creating a Grand Air Trine pattern in the chart. If we work together, we can regain our balance.


04-Mar-21 Mars enters Gemini

06-Mar-21 Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

13-Mar-21 New Moon in Pisces

15-Mar-21 Mercury enters Pisces

18-Mar-21 Mars sextile Chiron

20-Mar-21 Sun enters Aries

21-Mar-21 Venus enters Aries

21-Mar-21 First Quarter Moon in Cancer

21-Mar-21 Mars out of Bounds

22-Mar-21 Mars trine Saturn

26-Mar-21 Mars conjunct North Node

28-Mar-21 Full Moon in Libra

Painting – Spring Sun by Victor Borisov-Musatov