Weekly Astrology Forecast March 8 – 14, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – On March 11, the Sun perfects the conjunction to Neptune, illuminating charitability, spirituality and the unseen worlds. This would be a wonderful time to give back or pay it forward. Whether it’s a donation of time or money to a dog shelter or a helping hand for a community project, common bonds bring a sense of connection. We could find themes of artistic expression or spiritual practice emerging as we float on the collective pool of the unconscious. If life has lost it’s meaning for us, this may be more evident now, but it provides the perfect planetary ingredients to find a life recipe that works, giving us spiritual sustenance and returning us to our original sense of self. The Sun’s concurrent square to Juno may make it more obvious to see where we have broken a promise to ourselves or committed to the wrong person or situation in an effort to keep the peace.

This Week’s Major Aspects

08-Mar-21 No major aspects

09-Mar-21 Venus square the Nodes
Self compassion is the key to soul evolution.

10-Mar-21 No major aspects

11-Mar-21 Sun conjunct Neptune
Increased intuition. Embrace spirituality and soul work. Take time to rest.

12-Mar-21 No major aspects

13-Mar-21 New Moon in Pisces
A new vision is seeded but for it to take root, make peace with the past.

14-Mar-21 Venus conjunct Neptune
Falling in love with love. Compassion. Art and romance.

Painting – Water Lilies by Claude Monet