New Moon in Pisces March 2021

The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 10:21 (UT) on March 13, 2021 at 23°Pi03′.

I woke up this morning and cried – not sobs, just tears running as an overflow from forgotten dreams. A deep sigh bubbled up, released and I thought ‘I can’t be bothered’ today. But then my wonderful friend and colleague Anne Whitaker from Writing from the Twelfth House shared an article that had also touched her on Facebook. It was one of those ‘just the right thing at just the right time’ moments. The article by Karen Nimmo on Medium shifted my mood and gave me a wry smile as I recognised the astrological energies at play. In shadow, Pisces is connected to defeat, giving up, can’t be bothered, passivity to the point of despair, helplessness, self pity. In Pisces we can lose ourselves – and find ourselves.

I’ve been decorating my bedroom, finally, after the bought paint languished in the corner for two years. I was too busy, too tired, too resistant to the process. But last week, having cleared space from readings for a time, I got to it, pulling out items from under the bed, keepsake boxes, stuff that I know in my heart needs to be released, given to charity or tossed in the bin. And in the midst of all this, exhausted from the sheer physical exertion of painting for hours on end that pained my arthritic joints which in turn kept me from sleep, my account on Instagram was cloned and some slippery person tried to scam my followers. It was resolved quickly, and I thank everyone for the kind support shown as I know many of you reported the scam account.

I commented over on my Patreon that I realised all these experiences are related as Neptune transiting my 8th house opposes my 2nd house Pluto. This New Moon will catalyse this transit for me and so, after I have written this post and sent my newsletter, I will go back to the boxes to finally let go of decaying dreams and a sadness that I no longer need to hold onto. Behind the wave of tears is another wave that carries quiet surrender, a space ready to be filled with all the miracles that life can bring. Spring is unfurling outside of my window and soon when the Sun moves into Aries, it will be time for activity and goal-setting and go-getting. Pisces is the place of the unconscious, the place where we store old memories and lay to rest the unlived life. But sometimes elements of what we find there need to be realised, acknowledged, welcomed home. This lunation offers us a moment to regroup and listen to our soul song.

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This is a beautiful New Moon chart with the Moon and Sun conjunct Venus and Neptune. We are looking to make a new beginning that is imbued with unconditional love, imagination, artistry. A literal blank canvas is on the wall opposite me as I have begun learning to paint and this is a perfect analogy for this New Moon. One of my unlived lives is as an artist and now I’m ready to bring her in. In Pisces we are gifted with imagination. The global 12th house is the collective unconscious, a deep sea of knowledge, the place of great stories, myth, Gods and monsters, the vastness and wonder of space.

Neptune not only rules this New Moon but is also the final dispositor of the chart so everything bows to the will of the Lord of the Ocean. Neptune spiritualises what it touches, asks us to find meaning. A square from the New Moon to Juno in Sagittarius suggests that certain truths we were bonded to are being challenged by emotions arising during this time. Listen to your feelings, challenge your world view. With the Moon and Sun also sextile to Pluto, we’re invited to trust the process, trust the universe, trust ourselves. As we all let go of what is no longer working for us, we allow for a void – something we often try to A-void! Right now, we are in a state of flux so don’t worry if you feel confused, unsure, uncertain. Activate your heart chakra if you feel lost. Love is a guiding light.

We need the void, emptiness, space and quiet because Pisces asks us to find our peace. When we allow ourselves to be peaceful, everything else falls away and we discover what really matters – what we value (Venus) what we believe in (Neptune). The greatest gift that you can give yourself is compassion. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made. Accept that the past cannot be changed. Resolve to regenerate, reclaim your power, and dare to dream a new dream into being.

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Painting – Calm Sea. Landscape with fishermen by Ivan Aivazovsky