Weekly Astrology Forecast March 15 – 21, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, joining the Sun, Venus and Neptune who are all at the latter end of this sign. As Mercury governs the way we think, conceptualise, and communicate, this ingress changes how we connect the dots. As Pisces is a water sign, we find that our feelings inform our thoughts. We pick up more on subtle signals, find meaning in events, speak compassionately, communicate empathy. But we can also find that our thinking is muddled, especially if we feel overloaded and conversations with others may be confusing. Important information can be lost as it’s easy to become distracted. 

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This Week’s Major Aspects

15-Mar-21 Mercury enters Pisces
Communicating with empathy. Intuition is the deciding factor. Talk about feelings.

16-Mar-21 Sun sextile Pluto
Strength of purpose. An opportunity to create change. Shedding an old identity.

17-Mar-21 No major aspects

18-Mar-21 Mars sextile Chiron, Venus sextile Pluto
The courage to face one’s pain. Regenerating relationships. A stronger sense of self worth.

19-Mar-21 Saturn sextile Ceres
Constructive growth. Parental responsibilities. Practical nurturing.

20-Mar-21 Sun enters Aries
A new astrological year begins. International Astrology Day! An urge towards fresh challenges and new goals.

21-Mar-21 Venus enters Aries, First Quarter Moon in Cancer, Mercury sextile Uranus
Taking the initiative when it comes to love and money. Challenging insecurities. Brilliant insight switches perspective.

Painting – Spring (Study of Jeanne Demarsy) by Edouard Manet