Weekly Astrology Forecast March 29 – April 4, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonMercury enters Aries on April 4, filling our heads with brave thoughts and inspiring ideas. We do tend to speak before thinking under this influence though so we may need to take a beat to check what’s about to fall out of our mouths. Aries can be blunt and sweary. Still, aside from the occasional heated argument and snap decision, this transit does offer us sharp thinking and the courage to assert ourselves by voicing opinions. Confidence replaces doubt. With cosmic couple Jupiter and Juno also on good terms with one another today, relationships develop when we are friendly and honest with one another.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

29-Mar-21 Sun conjunct Chiron
Vulnerability. Have the courage to be yourself, warts and all.

30-Mar-21 Mercury conjunct Neptune. Venus sextile Saturn
Imaginative thinking. Compassionate communication. Support for relationships. Maturity and responsibility hold the key to love.

31-Mar-21 Venus sextile North Node. Sun sextile Saturn
Self-mastery. Show your skills. Trust you are capable. Follow your heart to open the way.

01-Apr-21 No major aspects

02-Apr-21 Sun sextile North Node
Pay attention to synchronicity. Support for your creative vision. Meeting movers and shakers.

02-Apr-21 Mercury sextile Pluto
In depth conversation. Mental strength. Honest talks. Strong perception. Trust your impressions.

03-Apr-21 Venus conjunct Ceres
Sow seeds of love.

04-Apr-21 Mercury enters Aries. Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Assert your opinion. Use your voice. Remember to listen. Feeling cautious. Finish what you start.

Painting – Odysseus facing the choice between Scylla and Charybdis (exact title unknown) by Henry Fuseli