April 2021 Astrology Forecast

Mercury enters Aries on April 4. It’s decisive and we’re quick to speak up. It’s easier now to express ideas with clarity and to be more assertive when it comes to saying what we want. Still, we do need to ensure we have all the information we need before making important decisions because impulsiveness can override rational thinking. The same goes for speech too as Aries can be quick to shoot its mouth off before having the full picture. Positively, this transit can bring us fun and animated conversation so as long as we don’t get too attached to defending our ideas, we can enjoy some vibrant conversation.

April 4 is also the date of the Last Quarter Moon. With the Moon in Capricorn square the Sun in Aries, the need to pace ourselves becomes an urgent issue. As we enter the last test of this lunar cycle, we feel the insistence of the Sun in Aries to spring into new challenges and start new projects. But first, we must finish what we started, tie up loose ends, accomplish what we set out to do.

Despite being in the thick of Aries season, a square between Aries ruler Mars with wishy-washy Neptune on April 9 is challenging as this combination can confuse us so much that we don’t know what to do. Motivation can be affected as energy levels dip and lethargy takes over. “Give me a reason to keep going and I will” says a tired Mars in Gemini who is trying to rationalise weird feelings that seem impossible to decipher. We don’t want to choose, we want to pursue every dream. We’re frustrated by having to decide because we don’t know what is best. The trick is to reacquaint ourselves with what is meaningful. If we feel like we’ve lost the reason for why we’re doing what we’re doing, it’s best we go back to the beginning and remember why we started what we started.

Saturn’s trine to the North Node on April 10 should help to stabilise us. With experienced Saturn in brainy Aquarius, it’s likely that we’ll realise there’s a way through the Mars-Neptune muddle. Saturn’s connection to the North Node sends us a signal that we are constantly in a state of evolution. There is always something new to try, an alternative method, a different path. For some, this aspect could manifest as a teacher or authority figure offering information that gives us a solid foundation for the future.

The New Moon on April 12 sees the Moon and Sun joined by Mercury, Venus and Ceres, a quintuplet in Aries which seems to burst with life and energy, especially as the New Moon is also sextile to boisterous Mars and bouncy Jupiter! It feels like a shot of courage, a dash of inspiration that urges us to set new goals. As the New Moon also squares Pluto there’s a whole lot of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Love Goddess Venus enters Taurus on Apr 14. Now that she is in one of her home signs, Venus feels more able to express herself. Love becomes a source of security. This transit is lovely for lovers and good for all of us to get in touch with our physical body. Have a massage, a haircut, curl up under clean sheets, use perfume, oils, incense and of course food – all these things reconnect us with our physical senses. The only downside to this transit is that it can bring out underlying issues of insecurity, especially in relationships. As a result, the shadow side of Venus here can trigger possessiveness and treating people like they are an object to be owned.

Mars trine Jupiter perfects on April 17. This is an aspect that magnifies desires, increases energy, amplifies courage. We may be more inclined to take a risk as there’s a sense that the wheel of fortune will spin in our favour. Generally it does – fortune favours the brave so they say – although we do need to be mindful of rushing opportunities for development or making a mistake due to over-optimism.

The pace begins to temper though as on April 19, both the Sun and Mercury enter Taurus after the superior conjunction between the two takes place on the anaretic degree of Aries. It’s like a moment of acute urgency is replaced by a realisation that nothing can be rushed. With Mercury, our thinking becomes more ponderous and deliberate and in communication we tend to be slower and more considerate in our speech. Thoughts turn to practical issues such as money matters and work. We also may need to include more rest time so that we have time to think through any problems as Taurus never likes to be pushed for an answer.

The solar transit through Taurus asks that we focus on practicalities and appreciate the simple life. Taurus likes things to be as uncomplicated as possible. Whether we’re tending the garden or doing the accounts, we need to just focus on the task at hand. Note that as we have the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Black Moon Lilith (True position) all in Taurus now, we’re encouraged to savour every precious moment. However, with Uranus travelling through this sign, we know that despite a desire to keep things the same, new growth and diversity is encouraged. Pay attention to what occurs on April 23 when Venus, Mercury and Uranus unite in a triple conjunction and trigger the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square.

We have the First Quarter Moon in Leo on April 20. Both these signs are fixed signs so there is a tendency towards stubbornness evident here. The Moon in Leo loves glitz and glamour, the thrill of the theatre, live performance, fun, fun, fun – not to mention lots of attention. But the Sun in Taurus isn’t interested in all that stuff, preferring the ease of a homecooked meal, comfortable clothes and the kind of love that doesn’t have to be announced every five minutes. A deeper interpretation of this turn in the lunar cycle involves recognising that we need to take risks to get life moving again.

Mars enters Cancer on Apr 23. This transit brings out our inner soldier’s nurturing side. We are motivated to create a home, a nest, a place where we feel safe and warm and loved. Anything that threatens our private life though can bring out the Crab’s claws in an instant! The challenge here is that Mars is on edge and sometimes we can be quick to react with defensiveness. Mood too can affect our ability to go after what we want and we can be more easily triggered. Our motivation is affected by our emotions and we may be more circumspect, approaching things indirectly rather than head on to minimise risk.

April 27 is full of depth and intensity as we have the Scorpio Full Moon just as Pluto stations retrograde. It’s a challenging picture as the Full Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn, turning the chart into a T-square. The Moon opposite Uranus may mean we’re struggling to maintain control under an influx of unexpected events. Yet the square to Saturn asks us to be calm and collected, adult our way through. Pluto, the ruler of this lunation, is stationary at the moment of the Full Moon giving it extra weight. Maybe it feels a little like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. As Pluto then slowly turns retrograde, we move into the part of the year where we are given time to process the changes we have experienced whilst Pluto has been in direct motion. The action of the planet becomes internalised, slowly clearing the way so that we can continue with further changes later down the line. Pluto will remain in retrograde motion until October 6, 2021, giving us a long period of time to explore the deepest aspects of ourselves and deal with our shadows.

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