Weekly Astrology Forecast April 5 – 11, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – April 7 sees a conjunction between the Sun and Ceres, a powerful illumination of themes around nurturing, thriving, crops, motherhood. At this point, Ceres will become invisible in the skies, lost in the glare of the Sun as she sits on the throne of our creator, raised to supreme status. Ceres will also be at her most distant from Earth, interesting if we think of how independent Aries is as a sign. It makes me think of a watchful mother, cheering on her child from afar but refusing to intervene unless it’s absolutely required! Ceres in Aries nurtures our confidence and it is this that the Sun now illuminates. We need to tend to new growth, whether inwardly or outwardly. Just as we breathe on a spark to get it to catch to make a fire, so too must we look after ourselves and our projects/relationships as they are just beginning.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

05-Apr-21 No major aspects

06-Apr-21 Venus sextile Mars
The attraction factor. Kindness overrides conflict. Positive movement in relationships.

07-Apr-21 Sun conjunct Ceres
Nurture new growth and confidence. Mother Earth in the spotlight.

08-Apr-21 No major aspects

09-Apr-21 Mercury conjunct Chiron. Mars square Neptune
Talking about pain or painful conversations. Uncertain action. Dissipation of motivation/energy. Too much doubt – listen to your intuition.

10-Apr-21 Saturn trine North Node. Mercury sextile North Node. Mercury sextile Saturn. Venus sextile Jupiter
Constructive talks. Realistic thinking. Expressing oneself with authority opens doors. Bountiful blessings occur when the heart is open.

11-Apr-21 No major aspects

Painting – Ceres (Summer) by Antoine Watteau