Weekly Astrology Forecast April 12 – 18, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonVenus enters home sign Taurus on April 14 which encourages us to relax. Venus loves to luxuriate in good food and good company when in this sign. Yes, there can be a tendency to revel in materialism during this transit but Venus can also teach us what is truly valuable – including learning to value ourselves. In relationships, what matters now is that we show our love in physical ways. It’s not just about sex (although Venus in Taurus is very happy to do that too!), it’s about lounging around in PJ’s eating chocolates together, giving each other a massage, walking in the woods listening to the birds, cooking your lover their favourite meal. And of course, if we’re unpartnered, it’s about doing those things alone because we’re worth it – right? Right says Venus!

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This Week’s Major Aspects

12-Apr-21 New Moon in Aries, Venus square Pluto, Juno stations retrograde
Review commitments. Let go of what isn’t true for you. Start afresh. Take action on your goals.

13-Apr-21 Sun sextile Mars
Increased energy, dynamism and confidence. Stand strong. Assert yourself.

14-Apr-21 Venus enters Taurus
A need for security in relationships. Get comfortable in your skin. Simple pleasures

15-Apr-21 Sun sextile Jupiter
An opportunity to stretch yourself. Fortune favours the brave.

16-Apr-21 Sun square Pluto
An encounter with the shadow. Fears and unconscious material push us to eradicate old self concepts that no longer fit the person we are today.

17-Apr-21 Mars trine Jupiter, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury square Pluto
Big goals, ideas and conversations. Animation and vigour. No need to push. Speak your truth.

18-Apr-21 No major aspects

Painting – In a Field of Buttercups by Marianne Stokes