New Moon in Taurus May 2021

The New Moon occurs at 19:59 (UT) on May 11, 2021 at 21°Ta17′.

The New Moon in Taurus gives us an opportunity to make a practical new start in the realm of finances, resources, possessions, self-worth, values and the body. The global 2nd house is where we discover what matters, what we think of as valuable and precious. Taurus as a sign is associated with farming and agriculture. It’s the land we live on and the body we live in. Here we learn how to survive and thrive in this material world.

The New Moon is tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith. It’s fascinating symbolism as it is only when Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the Moon that she is ‘visible’ so to speak. In mythology, Lilith began life as a wraith – dis-embodied. This New Moon feels like the moment when she was given a body to inhabit, drawing down all of her chaotic, creative, powerful, raw energy into tangible form. So maybe we too are catching a glimpse of a ghost, something that has haunted us, something we know we need to give form and life to.

Perhaps too we are dealing with themes related to rejection, unfairness, demonization. It’s important that we look at where we demonise aspects of ourselves, split off or reject. Maybe we’re afraid of our power. Maybe were afraid of the void. But right now, wild witch Lilith is front and centre, reminding us that we have the power to manifest (Taurus) if only we accept who we are.

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The Moon is trine Pluto, telling us that there is a natural flow of regenerative energy available if we tap into the magic within. When we dig deep into ourselves, there are precious resources available along with strength and fortitude. Taurus too is a sign that is associated with the ability to endure so whatever it is we want to start, there’s power available to bring it to life. We do however need to be mindful that Taurus can fall into patterns of consumerism and greed. Think Gollum and ‘my precious!’. Taurus finds it hard to let anything go but sometimes we do need to weed out what isn’t necessary.

This Moon is also square to Saturn – it’s wide but it’s there, presenting a challenge. Saturn squares tend to feel like there is a block that we can’t get past, an immovable object, authority or rule that forces us to delay or change our objectives. Yes, we may need to allow for time, delay, or restrictions but it doesn’t mean that we can’t start at all. This aspect is akin to a flower that grows through concrete, a tree that twists itself around a wall. Sometimes we need to alter our course – especially with Saturn in experimental Aquarius. But we can find a way. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you that ‘it’s impossible’.

The Moon’s sextile to Neptune gifts us with an opportunity to listen to our intuition, transcend the limitations imposed by Saturn and serve a higher purpose. It gives us the chance to dip into the pool of the collective unconscious for inspiration and to go with the flow. Neptune also quietly reminds the Moon and Sun in Taurus that the material world is not the be all and end all. We are more than what we perceive with our five senses. The presence of Neptune (and Lilith too) adds ‘spirit’ to the other elements of fire, water, earth and air. The five elements are what are represented in the five-pointed star – symbol of protection and magic. We are just two days before Jupiter first enters spiritual Pisces. The atmosphere is expectant, anxious, urgent. We’re in danger of being too in the head, too stuck in our beliefs but soon we will have to explore the mystical worlds. Perhaps this New Moon helps us see that reality can be shaped and moulded. It all begins in the invisible world of our unconscious and in other unnameable dimensions.

Sextiles are helpful aspects but we need to actively engage with them to bring them to life. Given that this is a very fixed chart which brings out the Taurean tendency to stubbornness, it’s important that we know where to yield, surrender or give it over to the Gods (Neptune). Continuously trying to bulldoze Saturn out of the way isn’t going to work. We need to relax and engage with our imagination to see other possible paths of exploration, other solutions, other ways of accomplishing what we have set out to do.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is ‘A White Dove Flying Over Troubled Waters’. This elevates the message of Neptune and points us to where we need to ‘rise above’. When we rise above and see life from a higher perspective, we can tune into the karmic lessons behind the difficulties we encounter. Ruled by loving, harmony-seeking Venus, Taurus is a peaceful sign and the dove too is a symbol for peace. When we have peace in our hearts, that is when walls fall, and magic becomes real.

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Painting – Cattle drinking by Paul Gauguin