Weekly Astrology Forecast May 24 – 30, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonThe last aspect of the week is Neptune’s conjunction to Pallas, also on May 30. This is the first of three conjunctions as Pallas will retrograde through this sign later this year. Neptune conjunct Pallas offers spiritual wisdom, reveals patterns through dreams and meditation, resolves problems through imagination, resolves conflicts with compassion. It’s a fascinating mix of archetypes. The shadow side however may mean that we find ourselves stitching together fantasies, blanketing ourselves in unproven theories, falling down the rabbit hole of conspiracy. Given that Mercury has already entered a square with Neptune which will remain in play throughout this week and through to June 15, we need to play close attention so that we can distinguish between fact and fiction.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

24-May-21 Venus opposite Juno
Questions of commitment around love and money

25-May-21 No major aspects

26-May-21 Lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Sagittarius
The completion of a cycle is accompanied by revelations, realisations, and truths.
An important culmination that challenges beliefs.

27-May-21 Venus square Neptune
Idealisation. Dream lover. Rose-coloured spectacles. Falling in love with love. Imaginative creativity.

28-May-21 No major aspects

29-May-21 Mercury conjunct Venus. Mercury stations Retrograde
Re-opening diplomatic negotiations. Heartfelt conversations provoke a review.

30-May-21 Neptune conjunct Pallas
Spiritual wisdom. Compassion as an antidote to conflict. Unconscious patterns revealed.

Painting – The Wandering Moon by William Blake