Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 7 – 13, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonOn June 11, the Sun perfects its conjunction to Mercury retrograde. This marks the midpoint of the retrograde cycle and as mind is illuminated, this is often a time of realisation. The core theme of the eclipse comes to light, the meaning it holds for us, the teaching it contains. Now we must pay attention to what is revealed as Mercury receives wisdom from source and passes it along to us. We commune with our star, connect with our own internal spark. From the mind of the Gods comes the information we were looking for. And yet, it is still not time to act. Now is the time to hold onto this precious nugget of information, to sit with it until the vision makes sense. To think of an analogy, it’s as though the universe has just given us our destination, but this is only one half of the journey. We’ve got to figure out where we are first before striking out. This is what we will do for the latter part of this retrograde. By the time Mercury stations direct, we will have located that little point marked ‘you are here’.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

07-08-21 No major aspects

08-Jun-21 No major aspects

09-Jun-21 No major aspects

10-Jun-21 New Moon/Solar eclipse in Gemini
An important decision or choice. An old story with a new twist.

11-Jun-21 Sun conjunct Mercury Rx. Mars enters Leo
Mental clarity. Realisation. Energy boost. A desire to explore our creativity and take a risk.

12-Jun-21 Venus square Chiron
Heartache. A road bump in relationships. A financial hiccup. But in all cases, healing or help is possible.

13-Jun-21 Venus sextile Uranus
A new perspective that relieves pain. An invitation to try something new. You are free to follow your heart.

Painting – The Conversation by Pierre-Auguste Renoir