Solar Eclipse in Gemini June 2021

Excerpt from Patreon transcriptLet’s come down to basics for a moment and think about the symbolism of a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse always occurs at a New Moon which means that this is a new start that is important because it is an eclipse. At a solar eclipse, the Moon passes in front of the face of the Sun and so we experience a moment of darkness. We are plunged into darkness and uncertainty, plunged into our shadow, into our emotions, our feelings. And then from that, something important is revealed to us – something that was there all along, but we didn’t see it before.

Another really good analogy for this eclipse (because Gemini which is associated with communication systems and this eclipse is conjunct ruler Mercury retrograde) is that we could say this is the cosmic equivalent of, ‘turn it off, turn it on again’! The inevitable answer to all technological problems or any kind of electrical issues in invariably ‘turn it off, and turn it on again’! We are going through some kind of restart process, where yes, sometimes we have to wait! I had to restart my computer the other day. I very often just leave it on but it needed Windows updates. It took forever! I was sitting there for nearly an hour just waiting for it to do its thing! So the eclipse feels like this – we’re going to have to be patient during this time, as we go through this restart process. Because we’ve got to get everything settled. We’ve got to get all the right information and everything has to go in the right place. It all has to fit properly, else, it’s not going to work. 

I recorded a 40mins astro-tarot reading over on my Patreon for this lunation where I discuss the aspects of the eclipse, Mars anaretic, asteroid Bienor and the Sabian symbol. There is also a transcript if you prefer to read rather than listen. Click here to join my Patreon.

Painting – Schoolgirl doing homework by Albert Anker