Weekly Astrology Forecast July 5 – 11, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – The week begins on a high frequency note as the Sun moves into a sextile with Uranus on July 5. It’s like a quiet alarm call from the cosmos, a gentle awakening. The Sun is currently in Cancer, a sign that is focused on matters of home, safety, belonging. Uranus in Taurus however is busy shaking the ground we walk on, closing old tracks and opening new ones. Even though what is safe and familiar may seem more appealing, the psychic nudge from the universe is intriguing and pushes us to explore new avenues of self-expression. Try something new and different to add a little seasoning to life’s table



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The Week’s Major Aspects

05-Jul-21 Sun sextile Uranus. Venus sextile North Node
Breaking free from constraints. Embrace your uniqueness. The heart knows the way.

06-Jul-21 Mercury square Neptune
The last in a series of three. Turning the final corner in a confusing matter. The last prompt to follow your intuition. Sometimes it’s only after choosing that the way becomes clear.

07-Jul-21 Venus opposite Saturn. Venus trine Chiron
Feeling undervalued, unloved, unworthy. Self-love is the path to healing.

08-Jul-21 Venus square Uranus
Unsettled. Unexpected events in relationships. Needing space. The opportunity to do something different.

09-Jul-21 Neptune sextile Ceres. Pluto trine Vesta
Tenderness. Nurture your imagination. Whole despite life’s losses. Intense focus on what is sacred.

10-Jul-21 New Moon in Cancer
A new start in domestic matters. Home and family in the forefront.

11-Jul-21 Mercury enters Cancer
Communicating feelings. Thinking about childhood. Recalling memories. Nurturing conversation.