New Moon in Cancer July 2021

Extract from Patreon transcript – The New Moon occurs at 02:16 (BST) on July 10, 2021 at 18°Cn01′. The New Moon in Cancer brings to our attention issues that are connected with our emotional life and with who we are behind closed doors. Cancer is a sign that is associated with the global 4th house of the natural chart. Normally, when we’re looking at our natal chart, this is the part of the chart that tells us about our upbringing, what things were like at home as a child, what things are like at home as an adult too. This part of the chart tells us about our roots, where we come from. It’s our history and it’s our memories. So, when we’re looking at this sign, we are very much in this inner world. If you think about the opposite sign and house, Capricorn – 10th house, that’s the part of the chart where we’re out there in the world achieving. We’re doing the job, working on our career. It’s a very public place. When we’re in Cancer territory though, this is who we are behind closed doors and who we are deep down.

In Cancer and the 4th house, we become more aware of our feelings. The Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer so it works strongly here. Our feelings are coming up like the tide and how we deal with those is the question at this time. Do we feel supported or unsupported? Do we feel like we belong somewhere? Do we feel at home, literally within our own four walls in the place we live, and do we feel at home in our own skin?…

The New Moon is opposed by Pluto. Pluto is the ruler of things that we find difficult. For example, it rules the shadow. It’s associated with our deepest fears. It’s about power and control, especially in the sign of Capricorn at the moment as it’s very authoritative and it feels almost threatening. Our instinctive response is that we feel threatened. Oh, my God, all this bad stuff that’s going on out there in the world, I just want to close the door. I want to pretend that it’s not happening. I want to hide. I really want to hide and hold on to everything that I have. Because safety is very important to Cancer. So, it’s tapping into what makes you feel threatened, what makes you feel safe. When we feel unsafe, emotionally, what we tend to do is to hold on to everything that we have. Think of the claws of the Crab, the symbol of Cancer  – those claws are pretty tough and they don’t let go. Pluto is encouraging us, asking us, to let go of that which we don’t need. Maybe it might even be talking about letting go of the fear of the outer world, the fear of what could happen, the fear of what other people may do or will do or won’t do.

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