Weekly Astrology Forecast July 19 – 25, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonEris stations retrograde on July 21. In forward motion, Eris is calling out the elephant in the room, pressing buttons, pointing out where there is discordance. Eris will not stand for oppression and unfairness. Because Eris has a very long orbital period, 558 years to be precise (over twice that of Pluto), her action tends to be geared towards the collective. But if Eris is marking time near one of your personal planets or angles, then you are more likely to experience her affect. In retrograde motion, Eris takes us within where we meet our inner ‘trouble-maker’, the part of us that suppresses our confidence or ability to thrive. Like everything else, it’s possible for us to internalise our ‘oppressors’ so that they become unconscious forces. Let Eris root them out. Eris will be in retrograde motion until January 11, 2022.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

19-Jul-21 Vesta enters Libra. Mercury square Chiron
Increased focus on relationships. Difficult conversations. Fear of speaking up. The right words at the right time generate healing.

20-Jul-21 Mercury sextile Uranus
Freedom from mental restriction. Opening the mind to new ideas, experiences and perspectives.

21-Jul-21 No major aspects

22-Jul-21 Venus enters Virgo. Venus opposite Jupiter. Sun enters Leo
Love is a verb. It’s the little things that count. Enormous generosity. Too much versus not enough.
Time to step up to life’s stage. Let yourself shine.

23-Jul-21 No major aspects

24-Jul-21 Full Moon in Aquarius. Mercury trine Neptune
Understanding our place in the group. Exploring where change is needed. Empathy and imaginative thinking. Receptivity.

25-Jul-21 Mercury opposite Pluto
Obsessions. Intense reactions to ideas. Words spoken with force. The power of the mind to work constructively or destructively.

Painting – ‘Moonrise’ by Clarence Gagnon