Full Moon in Aquarius July 2021

Extract from Patreon recording – The Full Moon takes place at 03:36 (BST) on July 24, 2021. The Moon will be at 01AQU26.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is ‘An Unexpected Thunderstorm’. Yes, this period might bring us some surprises, something unexpected. We can imagine with Pluto there in the background, close enough to make a conjunction with this Moon, that it brings heaviness – just like it is before a storm. The air feels incredibly heavy (remembering Aquarius is an air sign). But then the heavens break, the sky cracks open, thunder booms. There’s the flash of lightning and what does lightning do? It lightens and brightens everything. We can see in the dark with a flash of lightning. Although there may be shocks, surprises, an unpredictable edge to this lunation, it’s also going to help us to start to clear the air – remembering that there is going to be a second Full Moon in Aquarius next month which will conclude the ‘storm’. For now, we’ve got to expect the unexpected, to realise that if we’re experiencing a ‘storm’ of emotions, this is natural and needed so that we can clear the air and start afresh.

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Painting – Weathering the Storm II by Rochelle Blumenfeld