Weekly Astrology Forecast August 9 – 15, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – We have ongoing patterns at work, keeping us on our toes. Mars and Mercury are square the Nodal axis, pushing us to turn a corner in our collective evolution. Jupiter is now off the anaretic last degree of Aquarius but still squares Sedna who is hanging out on the weeping sisters degree of Taurus. I just read yesterday an article in The Guardian that there are signs that the Gulf Stream could collapse which is extremely serious and perfectly in tune with the current astrological state of affairs. One thing I haven’t mentioned before is that Pluto is widely trine to Sedna, gradually pulling away as it retrogrades back through Capricorn. But as trines are unimpeded and fast moving, it tells us that the sea change, literal in this case (!) is coming perhaps faster than we thought. The trine will gradually diminish over time, but the story is already in motion. Can we stop it? Well, Pluto would suggest that this hinges on matters of power and control – our power sources, our fuel resources, the powers (Pluto) in governments (Capricorn), the system. Personal planet Venus will create a Grand Trine with Sedna and Pluto this week from helpful Virgo so maybe there’s a suggestion here that it’s about looking at what we value; caring enough to improve things; paying attention to where we can make small tweaks to bring harmony and equality which will then filter out to create wider change.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

10-Aug-21 Venus opposite Neptune
Beautiful illusions. Uncertainty around love or money. Trying to live up to ideals. A need for grounding and practicality. You are only human.

11-Aug-21 Mercury opposite Jupiter. Mars square the Nodes. Mercury enters Virgo. Venus trine Pluto
Big ideas. Overwhelm. Analyse your strategy before making your move. Trust is the key to harmony.

12-Aug-21 No major aspects

13-Aug-21 No major aspects

14-Aug-21 No major aspects

15-Aug-21 First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Intense emotions are magnified. Back away from power struggles and big egos. You don’t need to risk it all for change to happen.